Time to Tackle Toronto’s Warming

This report is part of a four part project, Adapting to Climate Change in Toronto undertaken by the Clean Air Partnership (CAP) in collaboration with the City of Toronto. CAP is working with the City to incorporate adaptation to climate change into program planning and implementation to reduce the vulnerability of the city and its inhabitants from the impacts of climate change. This project includes:

 Phase 1: Scan of Climate Change Impacts on the City of Toronto This scan was completed in May 2006. It outlines the expected impacts on various sectors within Toronto, and highlights changes that are already underway.

 Phase 2: Cities Preparing for Climate Change This report examines what other leading cities are doing to tackle expected climate change impacts, and identifies strategies that appear promising for Toronto and other cities.

 Phase 3: Decision‐Makers Workshops Two workshops were held, one in November 2005 and the other in June 2006, with Toronto decision‐makers to identify areas where the City could develop and implement adaptation strategies.

Phase 4: Adaptation Strategies A menu of adaptation options for two areas: a) the Urban Forest, and b) Heat (and its impacts on health and energy use) have been developed in collaboration with City of Toronto staff and other interested stakeholders. This report outlines adaptation options for dealing with heat in Toronto.

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Ligeti , Eva. “Time to Tackle Toronto’s Warming.” Clean Air Partnership . . http://www.cleanairpartnership.org/pdf/time_to_tackle_toronto_warming.pdf (accessed April 20, 2012).

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Source: Clean Air Partnership

Publication Date: June 2007

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