About the Toolkit

Welcome to the Cool Roofs and Cool Pavements Toolkit.

Our planet is getting hotter. This rapid change in temperature is stressing our populations and ecosystems, creating serious health risks to people around the world and taxing our infrastructure.

At the same time, the planet is rapidly urbanizing. Approximately 50 percent of planet lives in urban areas and that number is expected to increase to 80 percent over the next 50 years. Our urban areas are even hotter due to the urban heat island effect which results in high energy costs, greater incidences of illness from air pollution, greater vulnerability to extreme heat events and lower quality of life for residents.

A simple, cost-effective solution exists for this dire problem. Leaders can cool their buildings and cities by increasing the reflectivity of roofs and pavements. This site is designed to give you the tools you need to cool your buildings, cities, and the planet.

The Cool Roofs and Cool Pavements Toolkit began as a publication produced by Global Cool Cities Alliance and R20 Regions of Climate Action. In 2010 GCCA expanded the projects to the web and currently maintains this site.

Please contact Kurt Shickman with questions or suggestions.