Global Cool Cities Alliance (GCCA) works with cities, regions, and other stakeholders to accelerate a worldwide transition to highly reflective, cooler, healthier cities. Its mission is to advance policies and programs that increase the solar reflectance of our buildings and paved surfaces to promote cool buildings and cool cities, and to mitigate the effects of climate change through global cooling. GCCA pursues this mission through program areas that, together, are designed to ensure that a range of mechanisms, from municipal action to advancements in research and development, act in concert to accelerate the adoption of cool surfaces. Learn more at

The Global Cool Cities Alliance would like to thank its partners in developing the Toolkit.

The Clean Energy Solutions Center helps governments turn clean energy visions into reality. We share policy best practices, data, and analysis tools across countries, and serve as a first-stop clearinghouse of clean energy resources. The Solutions Centers also offers no-cost policy assistance—online training and expert assistance—to help countries tailor solutions to their needs and foster international collaboration on policy innovations.

The Solutions Center was designed and is supported by a unique partnership between the Clean Energy Ministerial and the United Nations inter-agency energy mechanism (UN-Energy). Learn more about the Clean Energy Solutions Center.

R20 Regions of Climate Action The mission of the R20 is to help states, provinces, regions, and other subnational governments around the world develop, implement, and communicate low-carbon and climate-resilient economic development projects, policies, and best practices.

The R20’s low-carbon projects will produce global environmental benefits as well as local economic benefits in the form of reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, enhanced local economies, new green jobs, improved public health, and increased climate resilience. The R20’s projects will be developed and implemented by a diverse coalition of subnational governments and partners (non-profit organizations, corporations, academic institutions, intergovernmental organizations, financial institutions, United Nations pro­grammes, and national governments.)

GCCA is a non-profit partner to the R20 and is the technical advisor on its cool roof and pavement initiative. Learn more at

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