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Effect of Cool Roofs on Commercial Buildings Energy Use in Cold Climates

Joint Influence of Albedo and Insulation on Roof Performance

The Joint Influence of Albedo and Insulation on Roof Performance: An Observational Study

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Cool roof technology in London: An experimental and modelling study

Still Cool After All These Years

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A comprehensive study of the impact of green roofs on building energy performance

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Looking Up: How Green Roofs and Cool Roofs Can Reduce Energy Use, Address Climate Change, and Protect Water Resources in Southern California

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C40 Cities

Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency

NYC Cool Roofs Annual Report 2011

Potential energy savings from cool roofs in Spain and Andalusia

Weather effect on thermal and energy performance of an extensive tropical green roof

Urban Climatic Map Studies: A Review

An integrated empirical and modeling methodology for analyzing solar reflective roof technologies on commercial buildings

Japanese Experience of Technology and Policy for Urban Heat Island Mitigating

Development of empirical models for an estate level air temperature prediction in Singapore

Global Cooling: Policies to Cool the World and Offset Global Warming from CO2 Using Reflective Roofs and Pavements

A Study on the Effectiveness of Heat Mitigating Pavement Coatings in Singapore

Solar access of residential rooftops in four California cities

Health Impacts of Heat: Present Realities and Potential Impacts of a Climate Change

Causes of Urban Heat Island in Singapore

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Energy Savings for Stucco Walls Coated with Cool Colors

Global Cooling: Effect of Urban Albedo on Global Temperature

An Introduction to Cool Roofs

A comparative study of the thermal and radiative impacts of photovoltaic canopies on pavement surface temperatures

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Urban Sprawl and Air Quality in Large US Cities

A Practical Guide to White Coatings: How to Talk to Building Owners About Cool Roofs

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A Study of the Thermal Performance of Reflective Coatings for the Urban Environment

Effect on CO2 Emissions of Building Urban Area by Introducing Solar Reflective Paint

Potentials of urban heat island mitigation

Mitigation of the heat island effect in urban New Jersey

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Applying district cooling technology in Hong Kong

Energy Modelling of district cooling system for new urban development

Potential energy savings in buildings by an urban tree planting program in California

Passive Cooling of Outdoor Urban Spaces: The Role of Materials


Aging of reflective roofs: soot deposition

Measured energy savings and demand reduction from a reflective roof membrane on a large retail store in Austin

Measured Energy Savings and Demand Reduction from a Reflective Roof Membrane on a Large Retail Store in Austin

Indirect carbon reduction by residential vegetation and planting strategies in Chicago, USA