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Growing Green Guide: A Guide to Green Roofs, Walls and Facades in Melbourne and Victoria Australia

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NYC Cool Roofs Annual Report 2011

Cool Roofs and Photovoltaics: An Unlikely Pair

Cool Roofs: A Piece of the Green Puzzle

White Roofs Cool the World, Directly Offset CO2 and Delay Global Warming

Urban Heat Island Mitigation Can Improve New York City’s Environment

An Introduction to Cool Roofs

Cool Roofing: Beyond Myths to Solutions

Urban Sprawl and Air Quality in Large US Cities

A Practical Guide to White Coatings: How to Talk to Building Owners About Cool Roofs

Outline of the Policy Framework to Reduce Urban Heat Island Effects

Air pollution prevention through urban heat island mitigation: an update on the urban heat island pilot project

Cool Communities: Strategies for heat island mitigation and smog reduction