National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO)

The National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) is a membership network of senior officials from the State and Territory Energy Offices, as well as affiliates from the private and public sectors. Member state agencies work on a wide range of energy programs and policies, including:

  • Energy efficiency in homes, commercial/public buildings, industry and agriculture;
  • Renewable energy, such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass;
  • Residential, commercial and institutional energy building codes;
  • Transportation and heating fuel supplies, pricing and distribution;
  • Oil, natural gas, electricity and other forms of energy production and distribution;
  • Energy-environment integration (such as using conservation to reduce air emissions);
  • New and emerging high efficiency transportation fuels and technologies; and
  • Energy security and emergency preparedness, and many other energy matters.

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