Carbondale, CO Tree Ordinance

Perspectives on urban forestry have blossomed from a simple aesthetic amenity that tempers the urban landscape to a solution to pressing urban environmental problems. The creation of an urban tree ordinance and appointment of an implementation and management oversight group demonstrates the Town of Carbondale’s philosophy that a healthy urban forest has a dramatic effect on property values. Additional positive economic implications as well as the positive environmental effects like reducing air pollution, abating heat, noise and glare, mitigating drainage and erosion problems, providing shade for streets and parking areas, providing wildlife habitat, and moderating the local climate result from Carbondale’s tree ordinance.

The tree ordinance outlines a set of standards for planting and protecting trees on public property and calls for the development of a list of desirable trees in public spaces, specifying how they are to be planted and maintained. The ordinance appoints the Board of Trustees to provide for the protection of the trees within the Town to develop a healthy urban forest and park system by ensuring proper planting, maintenance, and diversity within the tree species to protect against potential pest and disease problems. The board has exclusive power and authority over all trees, plants, and shrubs located within street right-of-ways, parks, and public places of Carbondale, and those located on private property that constitute a nuisance. The Board of Trustees established a Tree Board to serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees in all matters relating to trees within the town. Under the directives of the ordinance, a Public Works Director is appointed to administer and implement the regulation.

Source: Successful Communities Online Toolkit

Publication Date: June 2012

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