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Announcing the Rosenfeld Urban Cooling Achievement Award

Posted by gcca on March 13, 2017

profile pictureThe Global Cool Cities Alliance (GCCA) has established an award to honor the legacy and impact of Dr. Arthur Rosenfeld’s advocacy for cooler buildings, cooler cities, and a cooler planet. Dr. Rosenfeld was a founder of GCCA and a tireless advocate for building materials that improve thermal comfort and make a positive impact on global climate change. The Urban Cooling Achievement Award will recognize leaders who demonstrate Art’s drive, passion, and intelligence to overcome the challenges of excess urban heat.

“Everywhere we work, we meet people inspired by Art who are trying to make their communities cooler, more prosperous, and healthier. I am excited to launch an award to honor their efforts and to highlight Art’s enduring legacy of inspiring positive global change” said Kurt Shickman, Executive Director of the Global Cool Cities Alliance.

“Art was a mentor to me and so many others. It is an honor to help in the establishment of this new award that will help develop the next generation of energy efficiency leaders” says Dian Grueneich, Senior Research Scholar at Stanford University’s Precourt Institute for Energy, Commissioner Emeritus, California Public Utilities Commission and GCCA Board member.

The launch of the award will be officially announced on March 15th at celebration of Art’s life organized by the California Energy Commission. Art was a Commissioner for 10 years and oversaw the inclusion of reflective roofing and other building measures that save energy and reduce urban temperatures.

“The achievements resulting from Art’s tenacity, intellect, and creativity will benefit California and the world for generations.  The California Energy Commission is pleased that GCCA has established the Art Rosenfeld Award to recognize that spirit in others working on issues that Art cared deeply about,” said California Energy Commission Chair Robert B. Weisenmiller.

“People across the world, and certainly every American, enjoy cleaner air and a healthier economy as a result of Art’s tireless and contagious efforts on energy efficiency. I am pleased to be a part of the committee to select the winner of the Rosenfeld Urban Cooling Achievement Award, which extends his remarkable legacy,” said Commissioner Andrew McAllister, who is the Energy Commission’s lead on energy efficiency.

Those wishing to donate to support the Dr. Arthur H. Rosenfeld Urban Cooling Achievement Award may do so here!

Kurt Shickman

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Kurt Shickman is the Executive Director of Global Cool Cities Alliance (GCCA) and the Cool Roofs and Cool Pavements Toolkit.