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Catch GGCA’s Own Kurt Shickman on WAMU’s Metro Connection

Posted by karen-smith-murphy on August 1, 2014

Johnathan Wilson, environmental reporter for WAMU (a public radio station in Washington, DC) recently spoke with GCCA Executive Director, Kurt Shickman about the dangers of rising urban temperatures.  Kurt explained how reflective surfaces and increased vegetation help save lives in extreme heat events.

“We’ve found that on the average heat wave that lasts about four or five days, there’s about 10 additional deaths that wouldn’t have happened without that heat,” says Shickman.

Shickman and his colleagues at the Global Cool Cities Alliance estimate D.C. will save 20 lives over the next decade if it continues to lighten its flat rooftop surfaces and plant more vegetation.

GCCA released a report last October, in which we show that increasing reflective surfaces and vegetative cover in Washington, DC is a simple and cost-effective way to save lives during extreme heat events.

You can listen to today’s broadcast on WAMU HERE.

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