RESULTS FOR: "East Asia" (40):

Modeling of cool roof heat transfer in tropical climate

Japanese Experience of Technology and Policy for Urban Heat Island Mitigating

Development of empirical models for an estate level air temperature prediction in Singapore

The Mitigation of UHI Intensity by the Improvement of Land Use Plan in the Urban Central Area – Application to Osaka City, Japan

Urban Ventilation for Counter Measures for Heat Islands towards Quality and Sustainable City Planning in Hong Kong

Accelerated Loading Tests on the Durability of Cool Pavement at PWRI

Air quality influences by urban heat island coupled with synoptic weather patterns

A review on the generation, determination and mitigation of Urban Heat Island

A preliminary study on the local cool island intensity of Taipei city parks

The impact of land use and land cover changes on land surface temperature in a karst area of China

Effect on CO2 Emissions of Building Urban Area by Introducing Solar Reflective Paint

Applying district cooling technology in Hong Kong

Energy Modelling of district cooling system for new urban development

Outline of the Policy Framework to Reduce Urban Heat Island Effects

Investigation of thermal benefits of rooftop garden in the tropical environment

Impact of anthropogenic heat on urban climate in Tokyo

Modeling and Simulation of the Tokyo Urban Heat Island

Control of Urban Night Temperature in Semitropical Regions During Summer

Development of a numerical simulation system toward comprehensive assessments of urban warming countermeasures including their impacts upon the urban buildings’ energy demands