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Remotely sensing the cooling effects of city scale efforts to reduce urban heat island

Regional climate consequences of large-scale cool roof and photovoltaic array deployment

Urban Climatic Map Studies: A Review

Measuring solar reflectance—Part I: Defining a metric that accurately predicts solar heat gain

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Causes of Urban Heat Island in Singapore

Assessment of urban heat island and possible adaptations in Enugu urban using Landsat – ETM

Microclimatic modeling of the urban thermal environment of Singapore to mitigate urban heat island

Design of a porous type residential building model with low environment load in hot and humid Asia

Cool Communities: Strategies for heat island mitigation and smog reduction

Mitigation of urban heat islands: materials, utility programs, updates

Assessment of urban heat islands: a satellite perspective

Development of a numerical simulation system toward comprehensive assessments of urban warming countermeasures including their impacts upon the urban buildings’ energy demands

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