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Philadelphia Coolest Block Contest

In 2010, the City of Philadelphia, the Energy Coordinating Agency of Philadelphia (ECA) and the Dow Building & Construction business group held a city-wide contest for Philadelphia row home owners and residents to enter to win an energy-saving cool roof and energy efficient products, such as cool roofs, air sealing, and insulation, for their entire block. Neighbors worked together to complete one application per block, which was then submitted by a designated Block Coordinator. Dow provided the insulation and air sealing products. The ECA provided the installation services and the cool roof coating (which was based on technology from the Dow Building & Construction business group). The City of Philadelphia supported the effort with coordination and venue space and the high-profile participation of Mayor Nutter.

In May 2010, a single block was chosen and work was completed. Dow is currently analyzing energy bill and other data from the retrofits to evaluate the benefits to the homeowners for participating in the Coolest Block Contest.